OTB Movie Podcast 13: How Do You Podcast?


Emily Moulder joins Jez Sands and Jamie Steiner to talk about this week’s news, trailers and releases.

We whip our hair back and forth for the release of Disney’s Tangled, try not to slip into a coma during Reese Witherspoon’s new rom-com How Do You Know, empathise with Paul Giamatti’s character in Barney’s Version and have to be restrained from physically assaulting anyone involved with Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon’s abominable Hereafter.

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00.04 – The Oscar Nominations – We figure they got it mostly right this year.
03.40 – Our respect for Christian Bale grows and Jez offers an explanation for his famous rant on the set of Terminator Salvation.
04.45 – McG for Wonder Woman.
06.00 – Pleasant surprises for Oscar noms – Jackie Weaver for Animal Kingdom and Winter’s Bone picking up the acclaim it deserves. The irritation of US release dates.
07.33 – We’re pleased by Michelle Williams’s nomination for Blue Valentine but disappointed that it didn’t pick up anything else. Jamie invents Method Directing.
12.02 – The Razzie Nominations – We can’t really complain other than we think Hereafter should make the list.
13.26 – Remakes Abound – Warners have lost their minds as Westworld, The Wild Bunch and Lethal Weapon get earmarked for remakes. Will Smith’s nepotism knows no bounds as he vows to remake Annie with his daughter in the lead role. Ginger protagonists.

20.00 – Red Riding Hood – The director of Twilight brings us a new take on the fairytale. Amanda Seyfried looks like an alien. Gary Oldman looks awful in purple.
24.03 – Unknown – Your dad stars as a man who’s identity is stolen. Sponsored by George at ASDA. Liam Neeson’s unidentifiable accent.
27.20 – Rubber– What the world needs is more films about telepathic, sentient tires that go on killing sprees. Mental. We can’t wait.

29.00 – Tangled – Disney’s 50th animated film is its best for at least ten years. The problem of crying with 3D glasses on.
37.23 – Barney’s Version – Paul Giamatti delivers an exceptional performance in an uneven film. Rosamund Pike sets our hearts a-flutter.
48.26 – How Do You Know – Jez struggles to stay awake talking about James L Brooks’s soporific new rom com.
54.49 – Hereafter – The most reprehensible film of 2011 so far, Clint Eastwood directs a turgid, over-sentimental, manipulative car-crash of a movie. Urge to kill rising…
1.11.00 – The decline of ageing directors and actors. Stories about Jack Nicholson.

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