OTB Movie Podcast 14: A Little Bit Of Podcast


Jez Sands and Emily Moulder are joined this week by Editor Sean Marland in his Podcast debut. We break our teeth on the remake of Brighton Rock, nearly drown in James Cameron’s Sanctum, are floored by the performances in The Fighter, decide that A Little Bit Of Heaven is a misnomer, fall head over heels for Rabbit Hole
and decide that we might indeed love New York, but New York I Love You doesn’t make a tangible impression.

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00.11 – John Barry RIP – We pay tribute to one of the most prolific and well-respected composer in the business. From 11 James Bond movies to classics such as The Lion In Winter and Dances With Wolves, he provided the music to some of the silver screen’s finest films.
1.42 – – Henry Cavill for Superman – The Brits are slowly taking over American icons (with Andrew Garfield also cast as Spidey). Nipples on a Batsuit. Are we sick of Zack Snyder yet? Why Superman sucks.
8.42 – Joseph Gordon-Levitt for The Dark Knight Rises – who will he play? Speculation abound – we cast our bets – The Riddler? Black Mask?

12.57 – Beginners – Oliver (Ewan McGregor) tries to get to grips with his father (Christopher Plummer) coming out as gay. Charming gem or indie nonsense? We’re not sure.
16.50 – Kung Fu Panda 2 teaser – The return of everyone’s favourite pudgy panda. It doesn’t give much away but we can’t wait.
18.57 – Bridesmaids – Kristen Wiig’s shot at a leading role. It looks kinda like female version of The Hangover with Apatow production values. Emily thinks it’ll be brilliant, Jez is more sceptical.

22.50 –The Eagle – after some delays, Jamie Bell/Channing Tatum Roman romp The Eagle has almost landed It looks remarkably similar Centurion Jez interviewed Tahar Rahim last year.
24.21 – The Adjustment Bureau – After six months of delays, it’s finally here. What If you didn’t have free will? Jez gets accused of hating everything.

26.55 – Brighton Rock – Rowan Joffe adds nothing to the Richard Attenborough classic.
33.22 – Sanctum 3D – James Cameron opens his sanctum (huh huh) to a team of cave divers. It all goes a bit wrong obviously.
38.21 – The Fighter – Despite a predictable plot, stellar performances from the principles make it a hugely enjoyable boxing movie. Easy to see why it’s scooped seven Oscar noms then.
47.18 – A Little Bit Of Heaven – It’s not exactly heaven but it’s not entirely unenjoyable. Warning: there will be tears.
53.44 – Rabbit Hole – Nicole Kidman shows exactly why she was nominated for Best Actress this year in this touching but also very funny drama about a couple dealing with the loss of their son.
59.34 – New York I Love You – A dozen short stories and a massive ensemble cast make this an intriguing but unsatisfying experience. Possibly a good Valetine’s Day movie.

1.06.50 – Next week’s films. Actors that might make a good God.
1.08.37 – Jez wants Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s book Good Omens to be made. The extreme misfortune of Terry Gilliam. No one’s made a good Terry Pratchett adaptation.
1.13.44 – Could Neil Gaiman’s American Gods ever be made? What about Sandman?
1.21.15 – The BFI are showing all of Disney’s back catalogue. Our favourites. Every movie can be improved by a horse.

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