OTB Movie Podcast 17: Age Of The Podcast


Jez Sands and Jamie Steiner are joined this week by first time contributor Mike Anderson and Obsessed With Film/Movie Vortex‘s Mike Edwards to pick apart the Oscars and talk about this week’s trailers and releases.

We find that it’s not so easy to avoid your fate with The Adjustment Bureau, find our identities with an animated chameleon in Rango, get blown away by Joanna Hogg’s Archipelago, find that Moby Dick with dragons isn’t a very good idea in Age Of The Dragons, strap on copious amounts of armour and brace ourselves for the bloodbath that is Ironclad, find The Tempest is more of a light breeze and find that some films involving Liam Neeson are best left Unknown.

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00.30 – Oscar dissection – why we’re not entirely happy with the Academy’s choices this year (quelle surprise). Why The King’s Speech is actually The Mighty Ducks. Mike E on playing ping pong with a crack addict

19.44 – The Hangover Part II – Jez is intrigued, no one else is. On the plus point, there’s a monkey.
21.57 –Beastly – Alex Pettyfer stars in a new teen adaptation of Beauty And The Beast. We are not amused.
24.16 – Winnie The Pooh – A surprisingly charming trailer for what looks like a classically brilliant animation.

26.52 – The Adjustment Bureau – Matt Damon and Emily Blunt have great chemistry in this fun romantic thriller even though it has more holes in it than a fishing net.
34.00 – Rango – Industrial Light and Magic’s first foray into animation looks wonderful. But is it for kids of adults?
39.51 – Unknown – Liam Neeson forgets who he is and then remembers and punches people in the face.
46.16 – Age Of The Dragons – Moby Dick with dragons. And Danny Glover. And Vinnie Jones. Not even ironically good fun like Outlander.
51.36 – Archipelago – Joanna Hogg’s new movie is a tour de force, a subtle portrayal of a disintegrating family.
58.56 – The Tempest – A limp rehash of everything we’ve seen before. Even the costumes fail to impress.
1.08.00 – Ironclad – Gloriously bloody and ridiculous Medieval romp. Arms? Legs? You don’t need those!

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