OTB Movie Podcast 19: Podcast Assemble

OTBpoddy210 The OTB Podcast is back after over a year’s absence. Did you miss us? Yeah…thought not. Anyway, this week resident Film Editor Jez Sands is joined by Move Vortex‘s Cassam Looch and Mike Edwards to talk about this week’s news, trailer and reviews.

We’re pretty pumped up by Joss Whedon’s Avengers Assemble but that’s hardly surprising given its near universal critical praise; Whit Stillman brings us a delightful slice of offbeat campus comedy in Damsels In Distress; lions and cheetahs are given awful human characteristics in Disney’s documentary African Cats and Albert Nobbsturns out to be a bit of a drag…

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0.14  – Mixed response to the new Hobbit footage unveiled earlier this week at CinemaCon.  Ultra-HD footage and the future of cinema having your eye out.
3.49 – Transformers/Star Trek writers to take over Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Not great news generally but do we even care about everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man? Or Superman for that matter?
7.12  –  Charlie Kaufmann to adapt Chaos Walking teen series.  A weird but welcome choice. The inevitable reboot of franchises including Twilight
10.06 – Robert Rodriguez courting Mel Gibson for Machete sequelMel Gibson’s feud with Joe Eszterhas.
12.21 – Jessica Chastain to play “sexy, sexy scientist” in Iron Man 3.  It’s depressing that that’s all we know about her character.


15.05 – GI Joe 2: Retaliation.  Things go boom, the Rock makes everything better and so does Bruce Willis. Looks like it’ll do exactly what it says on the tin. Mike on what constitutes a “real” film.
17.58 – The Five-Year Engagement.  Emily Blunt and Jason Segel has their wedding delayed by HILARITY.  Or…maybe not in this new red-band trailer.
19.51 – Magic Mike.  Channing Tatum plays a stripper who’d much rather be making…custom furniture.
23.25 – Looper.  Joseph Gordon Levitt plays as a young Bruce Willis, tasked with executing people sent back through time 30 years in the future.  We need Doc Brown to explain the time paradox… Great Scott!


27.00 – Avengers Assemble.  Universal acclaim for Joss Whedon’s superhero mash up.  Hulk smash indeed.
32.21 – Damsels In Distress.  Whit Stillman’s first film in almost 14 years, an offbeat campus comedy, is the perfect antidote to all this Avenger-y stuff going on this week.
35.36 – African Cats.  Distressingly anthropomorphised Disney nature documentary following a pride of lions and family of cheetahs including “single mum” Sita.
38.35 – Albert Nobbs.  Rather dreary drama in which a female waiter in a 19th century Irish hotel has been masquerading as a man. Glenn Close looks scarily like Bicentennial Man-era Robin Williams.  Misjudged.

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