OTB Movie Podcast 12: Blue Podcast


Jez Sands and Jamie Steiner are joined by Zak Klein to pick apart this week’s movie news, trailers and releases.

We watch Hilary Swank try to get Sam Rockwell out of jail in Conviction, follow Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry’s attempt to bring The Green Hornet to the big screen, gush lovingly over Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams’s astounding new film Blue Valentine and try to work out if Travellers is merely rubbish or needs to purged from everyone’s collective memories.

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00.11 – The Rain City Superheroes – real life idiots dressed as superheroes are taking to the streets of Seattle. Jamie’s bid to be a supervillain.
03.26 – Charlize Theron leaves Clint Eastwood’s J Edgar and is rumoured to join the Alien prequel.
09.02 – Ivan Reitman says that all Ghostbusters 3 rumours aren’t true but the new script might be the best ever. We’re more than a little doubtful.
11.05 – Sir Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis finally join the cast of The Hobbit.
14.00 – Paul Haggis vs. The Church Of Scientology.


16.25 – Paul – Simon Pegg and Nick Frost go on a road trip to Area 51 and pick up an alien (voiced by Seth Rogen).
19.16 – No Strings Attached – Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher are two friends that try to have no strings attached sex. We predict which Hollywood A-listers will be the first to have real sex on screen.
25.04 – Your Highness – Fantasy comedy starring James Franco, Natalie Portman and Danny McBride. We’re sceptical but we’ve been wrong before.


26.36 – Conviction – Hilary Swank stars in the true story of Betty Anne Waters, a woman who studied to become a lawyer in order to get her brother (Sam Rockwell) out of jail.
35.04 – The Green Hornet – Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry try to bring the masked hero to the big screen with variable results.
41.18 – Blue Valentine – Utterly brilliant drama starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. Easily film of the week.
46.39 – Travellers – Jamie and Jez argue: Is this film awful or merely rubbish?

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