OTB Movie Podcast 16: Animal Podcast


Jez Sands and Jamie Steiner plow through this week’s new releases, news and trailers. We find that Howl is more of a whimper, decide to thumb a lift instead of getting in Nic Cage’s car in Drive Angry 3D, decide that casual sex is ultimately unsatisfying in No Strings Attached, defend ourselves from an alien invasion in I Am Number Four, pick through the rubbish heaps and find the gem that is Waste Land and are wholly and thoroughly gripped by Animal Kingdom‘s magnetism.

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00.11 – Harry Potter Screenwriter Steve Kloves to adapt Akira. Harry Potter And The Appalling Screeplays.
05.37 – Kevin Coster to play Superman’s dad? (There’s a bit here where we mistakenly say Dances With Wolves when we meant Prince Of Thieves. Complain and I’ll cut your heart out with a spoon).
08.37 – DJ Caruso becomes the next director to set his sights on Preacher. The problems with adapting long series.

13.16 – Hop – Russell Brand stars as a teenage Easter Bunny. Sounds like a chocolate-fuelled nightmare. Celebrity voices in animation.
19.24 – X-Men First Class. Jez is intrigued, Jamie hate generic trailer music. OTB’s trailer rescoring challenge…
23.57 – Source Code – Jake Gyllenhaal stars in what appears to be the movie of Quantum Leap. Duncan Jones’s first major Hollywood production.

27.54 – Howl – Docu-drama about Allen Ginsberg starring James Franco. Rather boring and disappointing. Read the poem instead.
37.47 – Drive Angry 3D – More like a car crash. Despite having an admirably ridiculous plot, it fails to hit the mark.
42.13 – No Strings Attached – Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher star in a flat, mirthless and predictable rom com.
47.41 – I Am Number Four – Alex Pettyfer stars as a disenfranchised alien. A promising teen sci-fi flick. Wish it’d ditch the sappy romance plot though.
53.22 – Waste Land – Inspirational documentary about the recyclers in Rio and one artist’s art project. Deserves its Oscar nom.
56.46 – Animal Kingdom. Our film of the week. Tense and gripping drama about an Australian crime family. Memorable performances from Ben Mendelsohn and Jackie Weaver who was deservedly nominated for an Oscar.

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