OTB Movie Podcast 18: Battle: Podcast


Jez Sands and Jamie Steiner get stuck in to this week’s news, trailers and releases. It’s been a poor week for movies, one in which good actors decide that they’re going to be in terrible movies.

Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan bewilder us by deigning to be in The Resident; things explode, Aaron Eckhart delivers gruff speeches and aliens fail to raise an eyebrow in Battle: Los Angeles, Sean Penn and Naomi Watts are no more than fair in political drama Fair Game, Idris Elba tries to hold up a weak script entirely on his own in Legacy: Black Ops and Owen Wilson disgraces himself in the truly reprehensible Hall Pass.

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Lionsgate want more Cubes. – They’re actively looking for directors for what looks like a replacement for Saw.
James Franco unveils new River Phoenix footage. Why? Who knows? Does anyone still care?
Sylvester Stallone won’t direct The Expendables 2. – But will Arnie be in it?

Cars 2 – What’s the point of this? And moreover, what kind of world do the Cars live in anyway?
Fast Five – It looks stupid, action-heavy and ridiculously exciting. Can’t wait.
Attack The Block – Joe Cornish’s first movie about council estate kids in South London vs. Aliens. Looks fantastic.

The Resident – Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank moves into a new apartment. Jeffrey Dean Morgan goes boo.
Battle: Los Angeles – Aaron Eckhart shouts at squaddies to defend LA from aliens. Play Call Of Duty instead.
Legacy: Black Ops – Idris Elba loses his mind by starring in this one man exercise in insanity
Fair Game – Sean Penn and Naomi Watts are functional in this dull political thriller. Sean Penn’s hair threatens to steal the show.
Hall Pass – The Farrelly Brothers return and Owen Wilson decides to drag his name through the dirt in this objectionable comedy.