OTB Movie Podcast 5: Podcast For Schmucks

otbradio210This week hasn’t been a great week for movies, but that’s okay, the OTB team still have a healthy appetite for movie news, trailers and reviews.

Join Emily Moulder, Jez Sands and Jamie Steiner as they tuck in to the cinematic fast food junk that’s been putting them off their popcorn.

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00.12 – James Cameron derides Piranha 3D saying it “cheapens the medium and shows a distinct lack of creativity”. We smell hypocrisy. Titanic remastered in 3D.
03.04 – Shark Night 3D. Problems with shooting 3D at night. The Aliens prequels.
05.07 – Sylvester McCoy lined up for The Hobbit. Guillermo Del Toro’s departure from the project, looking forward to HP Lovecraft’s The Mountains Of Madness. Jez questions Peter Jackson’s directing ability.
08.18 – News of a new Bill & Ted movie?

13.10 – Repeaters – A dark version of Groundhog Day. The problems of time travel movies.
16.32 – Tamara Drewe – Gemma Arterton in a pair a Daisy Dukes. The Most English Movie Ever. Felicity Kendall and Penelope Keith fantasies.

19.15 – Certified Copy. Jamie has no love for Juliette Binoche. Chocolat
24.22 – 22 Bullets. The decline of Jean Reno.
27.15 – Dinner For Schmucks. One of the worst films Jez and Emily have seen this year. It’s even worse than Grown Ups.
33.36 – The Switch. Jason Bateman is funny, Jeff Goldblum is funnier. Jennifer Aniston is out acted by her hair. Toy Story 3 drove Jamie to drink.
42.50 – Jonah Hex. John Malkovich is bored, Michael Fassbender deserves better. The popularity of comic book adaptations.

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