OTB Movie Podcast 6: The Runaways

otbradio210This week we’ve got a lot to talk about with the Press Launch of The London Film Festival and five films in our review section.

Emily Moulder, Jez Sands and Jamie Steiner get kitted out in their Rock ‘n’ Roll duds for The Runaways, go crazy with Cyrus and book a trip to the countryside to review Tamara Drewe.

It’s also with great sadness that we bid a fond farewell to Emily who’s going to be moving on from OTB, so this is unfortunately her last podcast. Life in the office just won’t be the same.

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00.13 – Christina Hendricks to star in the new Nicholas Winding Refn film Drive alongside Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. Christina’s um…assets and that Emmy dress.
02.26 – Ruben Fleischer to direct Zombieland 2 and it will be in 3D.
04.30 – Rick Moranis might come out of retirement for Ghostbusters 3.


07.00 – The London Film Festival Press Launch. Importantly, there was chocolate. Clips of 42 movies that will feature and the highlights:
07.38 – Never Let Me Go will open the Festival – Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield star. The trailer doesn’t give much away as Emily found out.
12.06 – 127 Hours will close the Festival. James Franco stars in the story of Aron Ralston, a rock climber from Utah. The best title for a biography ever.
14.04 – The King’s Speech – An all star cast. Jamie and Emily have a stutter-off.
16.52 – Black Swan – Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis star in this ballet-themed psychological drama.
17.29 – Howl – Allen Ginsberg biopic starring James Franco (again). Looks great. Jamie’s not convinced by biopics.
20.20 – Let Me In. American adaptations… Vampire movies.
23.23 – It’s Kind Of A Funny Story. Self-consciously indie comedy?
25.57 – Conviction. Hilary Swank’s Oscar-Baiting Challenge. “Emotional” movies – The Soloist, The Blind Side, Changeling.
30.40 – Others to look out for – Lemmy, The Great White Silence, Rare Exploits: A Christmas Tale.


31.21 – Alamar. A father and son fishing trip in Mexico. Beautiful but no one will see it. The best fishing movie of the year?
33.27 – Cyrus – Great performances particularly from Jonah Hill but not really funny enough.
37.26 – The Runaways – Kristen Stewart gets Emily’s feet tapping. Jamie plugs his ears and bashes Dakota Fanning. Lemmy kicks ass.
45.46 – My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done. Werner Herzog and David Lynch disappoint Jamie.
51.13 – Tamara Drewe shocks Emily and Jez by being absolutely brilliant.
1.01.15 – Jamie’s friend asks Peter Bogdanovich a question about phallic imagery. Drumming with penises.
1.02.55 – Apologies for not reviewing Resident Evil 3D and Going The Distance – the tube strike got us.
1.03.12 – Back To The Future gets a re-release. It’s predictably one of the best things ever. Emily is converted.
1.07.30 – A sad farewell to Emily.

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