OTB Movie Podcast 9: Back To The Podcast

OTBpoddy210Jez is joined this week by Lisa Giles-Keddie from Filmgaze.com, Real.com and Superstar Magazine and Maria Duarte from The Morning Star to talk about this week’s news, trailers and releases.

We all take cover behind Idris Elba’s undeniable screen presence in the heist movie Takers, stand up for equal pay in comedy drama Made In Dagenham, get buried alive with Ryan Reynolds in panic-attack inducing Buried and take our DeLoreans up to 88mph for the re-release of classic Back To The Future.

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00.14 – Tony Curtis dies at the age of 85.
01.27 – Josh Brolin and The Goonies 2?
03.54 – All six Star Wars movies are to get the 3D treatment.
06.54 – Snow White to be kick ass action heroine?

09.50 – Easy A – Emma Stone pretends to be a cherry-popper to make geeks more popular with a star-studded cast. Funny stuff.
11.55 – True Grit – The Cohen Brothers make their version of the 1968 book which was made into the 1969 classic starring John Wayne. The sexy Spanish way to say Javier Bardem.
17.04 – The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest – an excellent ending to a cracking trilogy. The forthcoming English language remake…
21.45 – Vampires Suck. But probably not as much as this movie…


23.30 – Takers – Idris Elba leads a gang of criminals in this fairly enjoyable but unchallenging heist movie.
29.38 – Made In Dagenham – Great comedy drama set during the women’s strike at the Ford factory in 1968. Lisa shows us how to do an Essex accent.
36.25 – Buried. Ryan Reynolds in a box. The most claustrophobic 90 minutes in recent memory. More sexy Spanish.
43.03 – Back To The Future. One of the best 80s movies ever made. Go see immediately.

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