Preview of Ridley Scott’s YouTube Masterwork

Those just hearing about Ridley Scott’s new film project taking thousands of user-submitted YouTube videos can now catch a glimpse at the results.

Last summer, YouTube announced that legacy-wielding Alien director Ridley Scott would be producing ‘Life In A Day’, a feature film consisting entirely of user-submitted videos from across the globe. The film would capture an almost all-encompassing snapshot of life around the world on 24 July 2010.

Now Google’s video service has shared the first in a series of clips of the movie, which will get its premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival on 27 January. In the run up, many clips can already be seen at the well-presented Life In A Day YouTube Channel. Definitely worth a peek.

The complete film includes of 1,125 clips submitted from around the world, with successful contributors getting “Co-director” credits in the film. Curiously, the film is not directed by Ridley himself but Kevin Macdonald, who brought us The Last King of Scotland. The first clip is a beautifully shot Spanish girl climbing a “Human castle”.

This will surely be one of the most progressive media projects ever attempted. Question is, if it wins awards at Sundance, will they have to make thousands of mini trophies for all the applicants?