Prince Charming, In Real Life

Prince Charming 1

Disney has decided that you and I need to be subjected to a live-action Prince Charming film. News outlet Variety, reports that the film will be a revisionist take, and the story will be from the perspective of his ‘not as smart’ brother, who ‘never lived up to the family name’ (I’m assuming that family name is Charming).

Ladies and gentlemen we are in the age of IRL (in real life). Disney has recently announced remakes of their classic tales – that means we can expect live-action versions of Pinocchio, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo and a sequel to Alice in Wonderland in cinemas soon.

Prince Charming is an interesting choice for a film, mainly because there’s no ‘canon’ for this character. We know that he can put shoes on other people; he’s also rich, handsome, rides a horse and is looking for true love. So it’ll be interesting to see what take they have on the character and how they make him relatable.

I’ve kindly put together some ‘leading man’ options for Disney to consider:

Channing Tatum – purely because he’s everywhere right now and it doesn’t hurt for Prince Charming to have abs.

Armie Hammer – he was great as the ‘Winklevii’ in The Social Network, and has top notch smouldering potential.

Vin Diesel – screw horses, Vin Diesel would have Prince Charming behind a super-charged turbo diesel type contraption (I don’t know cars).

Benedict Cumberbatch – imagine, in that costume, with that accent…’nuff said.

Idris Alba – I personally love this Brit. He’s got charm (important), attitude, is handsome and so likable (presuming he’s not the next James Bond).

While I’m at it – here’s some ‘Idiot brother’ suggestions:

Jack Black – sorry, I instantly take that back, it’s not 2003.

Louis CK – he’d be a brilliant mess, and there’d be a stand-up scene from the ‘Comedy Dungeon’ (“so I’m a Prince, but I look like this…”).

Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) – there’s a charming goofiness to Jon. Google a picture of him, you’ll get it.

Kumail Nanjiani – if you don’t know Kumail, you might recongise him from Portlandia or Silicon Valley. Thinking about it, any of those Silicon Valley boys would be good.


Bill Murray – With technology nowadays, he could easily play both roles.

Over to you Disney.

Ps. Andy Serkis should play the live version of Dumbo. That guy can do anything.