‘Quidditch’ Catches On At Oxford

Picture courtesy of Media Guardian
Anyone witnessing Oxford students running around a field wearing cloaks and holding broomsticks between their legs could be forgiven for thinking that the once great seat of education was on the slide, but the little geniuses are actually playing Quidditch.

The ‘sport’ which has been reasonably popular in America for some years, has started to catch on at Oxford and four colleges took part in a mini-tournament on Saturday, the biggest event since the game was introduced in November.

Potter fans may struggle to understand just how the game works in the muggle world, but what the players lack in magic, they make up for in enthusiasm. Participants must run holding broomsticks between their legs, score between hoops and catch the snitch – which instead of being a small and elusive ball with wings, is a person (presumably one of the player’s servants) trying to evade capture.

“Some people really do love Harry Potter and that’s why they’re here. Other people just like the game,” Angus Barry, who set up the first Oxford team, told The Guardian. “The word is spreading. I think each time we’ve played we’ve pretty much doubled our numbers. We started off with 20, then 40, then 80.”

Just like everything which is borderline mental, it’s a big deal in America and fans took part in a ‘Quidditch World Cup’ in New York a couple of years back.

If you need to be reminded of the real thing, check out this helpful guide..