Shutter Island Clips

At last! New Shutter Island clips are here and we are literally shaking with anticipation (and fear) ahead of it’s release on March 12.

“Your boys seem a little on edge” – hell yes they do! There’s a psychotic killer loose on an island full of psychotic killers! It’s enough to make even the most hardened cop a little nervy.

Those ultra tense violins hardly help matters either…

Shutter Island – Arriving Clip
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There’s something a bit strange about Dr. John Cawley. And not just because he looks a lot like Gandhi. He might not be all he seems, but then nothing at Ashecliffe Hospital is quite as it seems.

“Screw their sense of calm!” says U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels. With scenes as highly strung as this – could he be talking to the audience?

Shutter Isalnd clip – Sense of Calm
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Phew. Now try and relax…