Stars That Bared All

An exposed ankle, a heady hint of shoulder blade: there was once a time where these titillating sights on-screen would have sent audiences running to the censor, crying out at the profanity. But we have entered a world of side-boobs, under-boobs, and sheer dresses – a world where Matthew McConaughey appears contractually obliged to go topless each and every movie.

Emboldened by personal trainers, tear-inducing diets, and 24/7 pilates, the stars of Hollywood are letting it all hang out like never before. So much so that it actually came as a shock when Lars Von Trier announced that his upcoming Nymphomaniac shoot would feature lower-body doubles for the film’s star’s numerous sex scenes. Not that Shia LeBeouf has seemed to have any problem with baring all in the past…

So as the sun finally begins to shine and we throw our wooly jumpers off with giddy abandon, now seems as good a time as any to jointly celebrate the industry’s collective destruction of the no nudity clause, and the appropriately timed arrival this weekend of Miss Naked Beauty on Sony Entertainment Television, by taking a look at the 10 Stars That Bared All…


Sasha Baron Cohen

Prone to bouts of regular nakedness, the comedian has no qualms about revealing a little flesh. But he might have revealed a little too much in Borat: crashing around a hotel room, wrestling his sweaty, equally nude, colleague Azamat, and with nothing more than a foot long black rectangle to hide his modesty.


The Entire Cast of Game of Thrones

By the old Gods and the new, the cast of Game of Thrones are not shy about getting their furs off. Winter might be coming, but the men and women of Westeros are removing more layers than a wildling on Spring Break. From Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys to Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow – seven hells they’re all at it!


Jason Segal

Getting dumped is never fun. Getting dumped in the buff is even worse. Segal kicked off Forgetting Sarah Marshall with its very best scene. Hilarious and heartbreaking by equal measure, it’s impossible to take your eyes off ‘it’. An image we won’t be forgetting in a hurry.


Mark Wahlberg

The one time Marky Mark began his awesome rise to the big time (steady ladies!) with this critically-acclaimed role as porn star Dirk Diggler. Even his days as a Calvin Klein underwear model couldn’t have prepared him for Diggler’s giant final-scene reveal.

sharon stone

Sharon Stone

Gok Wan wouldn’t need to do much coaxing here. Sharon Stone’s femme fatale was happy to flaunt everything she had in order to get her way. And with one casual re-shuffle of her legs, Stone was catapulted straight into the A-List in one of the most talked about scenes of all-time.


Viggo Mortensen

As a serially tattooed Russian mobster, Mortensen’s character is used to causing trouble. But it’s in the film’s defining fight scene that he really oversteps the mark – breaking the first rule of sauna-etiquette: always keep a towel close to hand. The ensuing punch-up sees fists, feet, and wedding tackle flying with equal vigor.


Michael Fassbender

Fass proved he had absolutely nothing to be ‘shamed about during his soul-baring performance in Steve McQueen’s melancholic masterpiece. Wearing little more than a birthday suit and a look of permanent self-loathing, Fassbender became the talk of the town – with George Clooney even announcing his jealousy on-stage at the Golden Globes.


Kate Winslet

‘Draw me like one of your French girls’, Kate commanded a quivering Leonardo Di Caprio, clothed in nothing but a multi-million dollar blue diamond necklace. The English Rose would rip her bodice off throughout her stellar career – appearing au natural in a number of awardwinning movies.


Bart Simpson

The Bartman spent countless years telling people to ‘eat his shorts’, but no-one ever imagined we would see him without them. Not until The Simpsons Movie, in which a skateboarding Bart proudly flashed his animated yellow manhood. A million innocent childhood memories were ruined in an instant.


Richard Gere

As the titular American Gigolo, Gere delivered titillation by the bucket-load. Often hailed as the first time a male film star was required to go fully commando, it was the committed actor himself who told the director to strike pants and trousers from the prop-list. What a pro!

And a bonus 11th…


Shona Collins

Marginally less well known than the others on the list perhaps – but we couldn’t fail to include Britain’s first ever Miss Naked Beauty! Not one to rest on her laurels, after being crowned by Gok, Shona petitioned Downing Street to include an hour a year on body confidence in the school curriculum – even meeting the appropriately named Ed Balls in person (…oh how we wish he was on this list too).

Miss Naked Beauty showing on Sony Entertainment Television (Sky 157/Virgin 193) weekly from 12pm, Friday 21st June.