Summer Blockbusters Preview: Part Three

Pixar Post Inside Out characters

This week is all about the hilarious women (and girls) that will pop up on screen this summer. Besides all the superheroes and sequels , there are plenty of comedies to keep you out of the sun this summer. Women in law enforcement dominate the studios’ offerings, although a cartoon about a girl and her emotions could be the most promising of the lot.

Hot Pursuit

Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line, Wild) plays a cop with a big goal, to keep the witness to a drug lord’s activities under protection. Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) is that witness and proves to be one that is difficult to keep under control. Together the women must survive hitmen and other obstacles while slowly befriending one another.

In theatres May 8th.


Starring Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper, an analyst for the CIA who volunteers to be a spy in order to catch a deadly arms dealer. The rest of her coworkers have become too recognizable by the bad guys, and Cooper is a fresh face they’ve never seen before. She’s often underestimated and seems unlikely to complete the mission. Despite that, she preservers and encounters some comical situations while on her journey.

In theatres June 5th.

Inside Out

Pixar is back with another sure to be hit with Inside Out. The movie focuses on Riley, a young girl who is struggling to adapt her new life in San Francisco once her family is forced to relocate. It demonstrates just how guided we are by our emotions and big names such as Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler play the emotions in her head. It’s quite refreshing to see that emotions can be seen as something positive and natural.

In theatres July 24th.