Summer Blockbusters Preview: Part Two

Fantastic Four

Continuing from last week, I’m back to bring you another trio of movies to be on the watch for this summer. It seems like the audiences thrive on superhero movies and sequels during the summer season and Hollywood knows it. Below are three movies that are either being remade or continuations of a popular story.

The Fantastic Four

The movie I remember watching when I was kid had Jessica Alba and Chris Evans starring in it. This time around the Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan), Susan Storm (Kate Mara), Mister Fantastic (Miles Teller) and Thing (Jamie Bell) are back with new faces and facing a different mission. With so many remakes in recent years (the Spiderman franchise for example), I’m hoping that this one will not disappoint audiences. It can be a fresh movie for those who’ve seen the original and a surprise for those that haven’t.

Out in theatres August 7th.

Magic Mike XXL

It’s been three years since the first Magic Mike played on screens and sent women (and some men) flocking to the theaters. With the success that the first movie brought it, there was bound to be a sequel. The trailer doesn’t seem to say much except that there will be more money and more abs involved.

Out in theatres July 1st.

Ted 2

Everyone loves a walking, talking, living teddy bear right? Ted is back louder and rowdier than ever, as he fights to prove that he is human in order to be able to be father. Mark Wahlberg is there by Ted’s side every step of the way and Amanda Seyfried joins the cast as Ted’s lawyer.

Out in theatres June 26th.