The 10 Best Inception Spoofs

INCEPTION300The most complicated (and depending on your outlook, best) film of the last 12 months is arriving on shelves on Blu-ray ™ and DVD on Monday 6th December and we predict that Mr S. Claus will be ordering a job lot the following day. Anyway, we thought we’d celebrate this release by bringing you the very finest Inception spoofs that YouTube could offer. We didn’t have to look very hard to find some good ones..


College Humour Inception

Far better than the South Park episode which ripped it off somewhat, this video from College Humour suggests that Inception may have taken a few plot liberties in the name of convoluted cleverness…

Dumb and Inception

There are a host of movie mash-ups on the net, but for some odd reason, few of them work as well as this one. However, as our two friends struggled to locate Aspen on a map of Colorado, we’re betting they’re knowledge of the extended dreamscape is patchy at best..

Mein Inception

This scene from Downfall has been used in several classic YouTube spoofs, most of them usually involving some sort of sports match. Listening to the Fuhrer lose his cool over Inception‘s ‘plot holes’ is just as amusing though. Watch out for his rant after someone suggests he just watch Shutter Island again. Bloody hell Adolf – it wasn’t that bad!

How Inception Should Have Ended..

Critics of Nolan’s sweeping sci-fi have pointed out that controlling your dreams is a lot more difficult than Leo and his mates make it seem in the movie. We suppose they’re right, otherwise there would be no such thing as a ‘wet dream’, such things would just be called a normal dreams. Or is that just me?


In terms of man-hours, surely none of these spoofs (and we include Lego Inception) can rival this high-end creation. ‘Inebriation’ closley parodies the actual plot of Nolan’s mind-bending epic and finds that opportunities for clever word play are rife. Our favourite section has to be the post-title clip at 2.05 which offers another take on the “you mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling..” soundbyte. Great stuff.

Lego Inception

Type “Inception Lego” into Google and your screen will fill up like a cookie tent at the Notting Hill Carnival. There are a lot of them out there. Why do we like them? Well we’ll answer that question with another question. What’s not to like?! We thought so… Also, watch out for Martin Freeman’s doppelganger in this re-enactment of the memorable swirling corridor scene..


Another video that has managed to unlock the untold comic potential surrounding words that sound like Inception is this one which concentrates on ‘Vaginal Security’. “The last line of defence? The cock-block..” To be honest we didn’t even realise they were filming…

Bean Inception

This one is a slow-burner but have patience friends, it gets good…


Cock jokes: always funny…

Christmas Inception

Set to Bing Crosby’s aptly named festive classic, this video suggests that Cobb and his mates could have set their minds to a far more worthwhile and picturesque goal. Dream us up a fleet of extra road gritters as well while you’re at it Leo…

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