The 10 Best Motorbike Movies/Scenes..

ohyesWant to know what’s top of our Christmas list? Yes, that’s right, a light-cycle from Tron: Legacy. Those things are revving with awesomeness and we we’d never have to worry about parking again! Unfortunately, as well behaved as we’ve been this year, we can’t quite see it happening. Oh well. Let’s talk about something more jolly shall we? We give you the 10 best motorbike scenes/films of all time…


10. The Wild One – A Triumph

Banned in the UK for fourteen years (!!), László Benedek’s tale of the Johnny Strabler and his Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was nothing short of iconic. Following the film’s 1953 release, sales of Triumph motorcycles, leather jackets, white caps and sunglasses rocketed in the US – although Triumph initially tried to distance the company from the film. Cultural references to The Wild One are endless, but one of the most derisory has to be Steven Spielberg’s decision to dress Shia Lebouef’s character in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal in the complete Johnny Strabbler outfit for his first screen appearance. Oh dear.


9. The Bat Bike (Kicks Ass)

There are some impressive hogs in this list, but none can compare with the built-for-NASA ride that Morgan Freeman lends Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight. You get the feeling that the wheels are a bit of an inconvenience…

8. Quadrophenia

Remember that bloke from Blur’s Parklife? Of course you do. Well this is him playing Jimmy (with a youthful and reasonably-lipped Leslie Ash in tow) a Mod who ends up Lambrettaing his way down to Brighton to duel those bloody Rockers, before meeting a rather rocky ending (*ahem*). That’s what happens when you don’t wear a crash helmet..


7. Easy Rider – Motorcycle Heaven

Lauded as a film which reflected the many social changes which occured during the 60s, Easy Rider is probably the ultimate road movie. Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda starred as Billy and Wyatt (names taken from Wild West heroes Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp), two much-waylaid bikers heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Also includes notable appearances from drugs, hippy communes and Jack Nicholson.

easy rider

6. MI:2 – John Woo Goes Motorbike Mental..

Errmm.. At six minutes and seven seconds, this is an impressive melange of motorcycle madness. Tom Cruise defies the film title by performing any number of impossible stunts, none of which are more impressive than the bit where he generates enough wheelspin to cause the henchman-heavy car behind him to crash. Once again, all without a helmet.

5. The Motorcycle Diaries

Right that’s enough stuntplosion mayhem, let’s get stuck into some serious arthouse pie. A biopic centring on a 23 year-old Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara as he bikes around South America, The Motorcycle Diaries was praised as a thoughtful and poignant story of political awakening when it debuted at Sundance in 2004. What’s more, the film achieves fifth place in this list despite the inclusion of just one extremely dodgy motorbike.


4. Indiana Jones vs Motorbike Nazis

Almost any clip in the world can be improved by adding Benny Hill music, and this chase from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is no different. Virtually devoid of special effects, but brilliant nonetheless. Scenes like this make the fourth movie even more galling. Time to revise your portfolio Spielberg?

3. McQueen Jumps The Prison Camp Fence..

With the possible exception of the Queen’s Speech and Murder on the Orient Express, The Great Escape must be the most regular feature of Christmas Day television. Once again, Nazis play the villains to a chiselled American anti-hero, but on this occasion it’s Steve McQueen escaping a rather spacious POW camp. Timeless..

2. Dumb, Dumber and Moped

People who don’t wish they had a tricycle/lawnmower that can do 70 miles to the gallon are lying.

1. That Scene in Terminator 2 ..Oh and the other one

There was massive debate in OTB towers over this one folks. Would we go for the motorbike chase sequence which sees Arnie reloading his shotgun while riding the coolest set of wheels on Earth, or the film’s opening clip in which the Governator acquires said Harley fatboy. Some copyrighting piggies somewhere have stopped us from embedding these videos, but we have linked them (above) for your pleasure..