The 10 Most Under-Rated Parties In Cinema History

A Very Harold And Kumar 3D Christmas is out this week and in it our heroes attend a party which features the requisite number of drunk/stoned teenagers, the Russian mob and the best game of beer pong ever played. Sadly though, it’ll probably be overlooked when it comes to best-of lists – it seems if you don’t have John Belushi, you don’t have anything.

Hollywood has given us some legendary party movies over the years but the genre has been beaten to death by films like Superbad and the American Pie series. So rather than just wallow in yet another kegger, we’re going to take a look at the lesser-known soirées that have made the silver screen and count down the ten most underrated house parties in film history.

10. House Party (1990)

Back in 1990, hip-hop duo Kid n’ Play took their absurd haircuts to the movies. With equal parts goofy fashion, childish mischief and Martin Lawrence the end result was the single greatest, most ‘90’s dance-off of all time. Sure, if we actually made it there we would probably stand awkwardly in the corner, but it’d be a party we’d never forget.

9. Donnie Darko

Who’s really the life of the party? It’s not the guy who brings the keg and it’s definitely not that girl who ends up on top of the table belting out Don’t Stop Believing. As we all know, it’s the transparent tube of light coming out of your chest, which is why the Halloween party in Donnie Darko is a can’t miss.

8. Anchorman

The 70s was the decade of disco, polyester and powerful moustaches and a chance to take a dip in the pool with San Diego’s number one news stallion is something we wouldn’t want to miss. With more chest hair and scotch drinking than you can shake a stick at, Ron’s pool party remains one of film’s swankiest get-togethers. Not to mention a great place to tell women you want to “be on” them.

7. The Great Gatsby

While many would use a time machine to prevent war, cure disease or enlighten humanity we would just travel back to make drunken fools of ourselves in the golden age. If The Great Gatsby party scene proves anything, it’s that the Charleston should be the focal point of your next get-together.

6. Annie Hall

Woody Allen’s brilliant take on the Hollywood party makes you want to jump through the screen and act as condescending and self-absorbed as the guests, “right now it’s only a notion, but I think I can get money to make it into a concept and then later, turn it into an idea.” The opportunity to people-watch at Allen’s satirical creation makes it worth the risk that Paul Simon might steal your girlfriend (while wearing a Hawaiian shirt no less).

5. The Party

The year is 1968 and house parties as we know them haven’t been invented yet. Instead, there is a classier setting for drunken bafoonery, awkward mishaps and social gaffes. With Peter Sellers in brownface as a clumsy Indian actor accidently invited to a lavish Hollywood dinner party, this film features one of the funniest party scenes of all time. Sellers’ improv is sweeter than blancmange and this is one get-together we’d love to attend… provided we’d be put on the far end of the table.

4. Back to School

In a movie where Rodney Dangerfield, playing the wealthy owner of a “Tall and Fat” clothing store chain, goes back to college you’d think the best parties would take place on campus. We’d rather attend the stuck-up cocktail party at the beginning, just to see Rodney pick apart the snobs wearing diamonds and chinchilla.

3. The Cable Guy

Listening to drunken guests butcher your favorite songs can make Karaoke parties unbearable, but when a fanatical, lisping Jim Carrey gets hold of the microphone and Ferris Bueller hooks up with a prostitute they are awesome. What we wouldn’t give to be among the geriatric guests at this shindig.

2. Caligula

Yes, the Roman was crazy, corrupt and even appointed his horse as a senator but the guy knew how to party. Living the decedent lifestyle that only an Emperor could, he executed people with a giant lawnmower and floated around on a ship-turned-brothel for fun. Maybe depraved, but always having a good time, it definitely helps your house parties when that house is a palace.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

One of the most iconic films of all time proves that house parties haven’t evolved much over the last fifty years. Just as true as it is today, they are all about drinking, smoking and having conversations with yourself in the mirror.