The American Clips: Love & Car Chase

cloonster300Everybody knows that movie hitmen must be ruthless, remorseless and above all… emotionally emotionally detached from everyone (even if they are below drinking age, we’re talking to you Léon..) Unfortunately, if every on-screen assassin followed this final rule, we would be stuck with a load of very dull films and a lot of dead extras. And let’s be honest, such a fate would be a damn waste of a smouldering silver fox like George Clooney. In The American (which is released this weekend) our man is operating out of a small town in Italy, which might as well be called Romanceville (twinned with EsSex in England – sorry..) so it’s no surprise to see him shacking up with some local talent (below). When he’s not making sweet love he seems to be chasing bad guys on a… erm scooter. The less said about that the better..