The Best Of Ryan Gosling: 5 Must Sees

This puppy-eyed hunk has gone from yawn to brawn with the release of his new and critically acclaimed action thriller, Drive. Gosling also co-stars alongside comedy’s sweetheart, Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid, Love which is due to be released later this month.

But how has this young star managed to save himself from the dangers of becoming a pubescent pin-up, starring in teen romcoms about troubled rich kids who “can’t get to prom”? The Notebook, despite becoming a guilty pleasure for many film fans, could well have senthim down a trashy track to teen movie hell.

But not Gosling. No. He has opted for smaller, quirkier parts in films which have not really earned much money. This may have done wonders for his credibility as an actor but he has not exactly become the cinematic colossus people expected him to become. Drive could change all that if the box office figures reflect the opinion of most critics.

But before he gets catapulted to the heights of Hollywood fame (and is too busy adopting children from Somalia and cheating on his wife to act) we get back to basics and take a look at Gosling’s greatest movie hits so far.

5. The Notebook

No list of Gosling’s greatest would be complete without a mention of the film which earned him hoards of adoring fans and reduced a nation of teenage girls to jibbering wrecks. His tear-jerking performance as Noah, the lost-then-found love of Allie (Rachel McAdams), was generally packed with the usual teen tosh trademarks but even back in 2004, Gosling showed promise.

4. Half Nelson (2007)

Back in 2007, Gosling received an Academy Award nomination or his portrayal of Dan Dunne, an inner city junior high school teacher with a drug problem, who forms an unlikely friendship with a student who discovers his secret. Critics raved but the film did not hit the big time at the box office.

3. Stay (2002)

Teaming up with Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts in this exploration of the human psyche, Gosling impressed critics with his performance as a suicidal youth tormented by depression and paranoia. Light entertainment at its best. Please ignore McGregor’s truly atrocious American accent in this clip and focus on Gosling. Just focus on Gosling.

2. Lars And The Real Girl (2007)

It’s plastic-fantastic and in at number two. It’s Lars and the Real Girl. Gosling plays a delusional young man who takes internet dating to new extremes when he begins a bizarre relationship with a plastic sex doll bought over the web. Yet another example of Gosling taking a role in a film which is definitely not your usual Hollywood fare. A tender performance from Gosling who does innocent and awkward better than someone who is actually innocent and awkward.

1. Blue Valentine (2010)

Taking the top spot and arguably one of the best films of 2011, Gosling’s heart-wrenching performance as one half of troubled married couple, Dean and Cindy, puts Blue Valentine at number one. Not an easy film to watch but Gosling, and co-star Michelle Williams, are a dream-pairing and sensitively portray the pain of falling plain out of love. Not one to watch if your relationship is on the rocks but an impressive performance from the main man himself.