The Day OTB Was Robbed By Perez Hilton

Barlow hated using ITV's outside toilet..
Perez was never happier than when nicking someone's intellectual property
This week we wrote an article which listed some of the well-loved characters from the Harry Potter book series, who didn’t quite make it into the film.

It did quite well on various social networks and several Potterites were outraged by the exclusion of Peeves the Poltergeist from our list. But their outrage was nothing compared to our shock when we discovered that self-styled showbiz guru and certified muck-raker Perez Hilton had shamelessly ripped our idea, re-arranged the order of said characters, inserted a few new words and posted the piece as his own. We say Perez, but of course we realise that one of his website minions are more likely to be the culprits.

Have a look at our article 15 Harry Potter Characters That Never Made The Movies and his attempt (published a day later) which includes an unnecessary amount fawning over Robert Pattinson Fifteen Characters Left Out Of The Harry Potter Movies (But We Still Love Them!) and you’ll notice that he’s simply replicated our list, without even bothering to reword the titles. The replication of ‘Twenty-Something Tom Riddle’ is a smoking gun if ever there was one. He’s even used the same video!

We tried to contact Perez on Twitter, but to no avail. We left a comment on ‘his’ article, which seems to have been deleted, and finally we emailed him to ask if he thought we deserved at least a credit on his site for our hard-work. Thus far we’ve had no response. We’re assuming that Perez is still slumbering over in his LA mansion or maybe he just doesn’t have time to get back to us because he’s busy trawling the net for other pieces of journalism to nick, like an internet burglar with a ‘SWAG’ sack over his shoulder.

To be continued..