“There’s a Sexy New Monster!” OTB Meets the ‘Being Human’ Cast

Damien Colomy as new vampire Hal, Lenora Crichlow as Annie and Michael Socha returns as Tom the werewolf
When two of the main characters of your cult-hit series leave, then you don’t really have much choice but to shake things up again. As such, the first episode of the fourth series of Being Human is a fast-paced affair which almost feels more like a series finale than an opener and includes a heart-wrenching final scene. We caught up with the show’s new star (Damien Molony) it’s newish star (Michael Socha) and it’s old hand (Lenora Crichlow) last week to talk about the new series. First topic of conversation? The ‘new kind of creature’ we’ve heard rumours about..

“We really can’t say much,” says Crichlow smiling. “But it’s a really funny one.” – “Slighty tragic..” interjects Socha. – “Yes it’s funny and heartbreaking at the same time,” continues Crichlow. “It’s sexy as well. It’s a sexy twist!” Despite begging for more, that’s all I was able to get out of them on the subject, so I moved on to group newbie Damien Molony.

“I’m dead nervous,” he said after I mentioned that he has some pretty big vampire boots to fill. “Nervous but nervously excited. I feel the same way now as when I got the job. We were asked if we wanted to see any episodes before the series began, but I didn’t really want to spoil it. Obviously I know what happens..” he laughs. “But I’ve only seen episode one. Michael hasn’t seen any of them!”

Molony – who has been brought in to replace the Middle-Earth-bound Aidan Turner – has a couple of scenes in this Sunday’s opener but we’ll be seeing more of him next week.

“The best thing about my character is the fact that he is very removed from the modern world and has forgotten a lot about where he came from, which means there’s a steady drip of backstory. Pretty soon he starts to have a few flashbacks. Essentially he is one of the ‘old vampires’ that you see in the first episode,” he explains, referring to a group of supernaturals played by Mark Williams (Mr Weasley) and Alex Jennings (Prince Charles) among others.

“In episode three you get a look at his more illustrious past, he’s tearing through a colonioal house, going through the maid servants. Most of the time it’s Hal clinging on for dear live trying not to get caught up in all the shit that’s happening, all these people are trying to attack the house and he’s trying to protect the baby.”

But what’s this? He starts out with another ghost/vampire/werewolf trio? What’s that all about?

“They’re my best friends,” he says. “In the prequel online, I’m with Leo the werewolf and really begging to help him. He’s reached the stage in his life where he’s regretful and very ashamed about all the stuff he’s done and all the damage he’s caused over the years.

“He’s haunted by the women that he’s raped and butchered, so Pearl (the ghost) and I try to look after him in this barber shop in Southend that we never leave. Leo develops tactics to overcome my bloodlust. I need those guys because as soon as they go – if they go – I lose my equilibrium. When we realise that Leo won’t survive another transformation we come to Barry to see if these guys can help and it goes from there. Despite the fact that Hal and Tom despise each other at first, I think we see a bit of a bromance developing between them in the end.”

We thought that Hal’s two barber shop companions might ‘go’ before Molony’s freudian slip, but we’re still impressed with the way that Toby Whithouse has engineered a new platform for his baby.

“I’m always really surprised at where he takes the show and how frsh he keeps it, how he makes this transition work,” says Crichlow after skillfully dodging a question about the second episode, in which Whithouse described her performance as ‘jaw-dropping’. “If he said ‘That’s it’ then you trust that it would be the best thing for the show. He’s also really grounded and he doesn’t go off on any mad tangents that might alienate some of the audience who think ‘that would never happen’, he keeps it quite controlled in many ways.”

“To have that creativity to put so many characters, situations and storylines in one place is incredible,” adds Michael Socha. “I think he’s a genius. Everyone says that when you write about supernatural stuff, then there’s no limit on what you can do.. but I can’t think of anything (laughs)”

So what else can we look forward to as the series progresses?

“I think episode two is awesome because I’m ‘jaw-dropping'” jokes Crichlow. “But my favourite one was the one with Kirby the ghost, who’s played by James Lance. He’s just so good. My favourite guest star ever..”

“The fifth episode where Craig Roberts comes back is also great” adds Molony. “He’s one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met – had us all in stitches for the whole time..”

Oh that guy..