Film of the day – Oblivion

Tom Cruise, Andrea Riseborough - Oblivion

Tentatively named Oblivion, the film is set in an apocalyptic future (is there any other kind of future?) where mankind has taken to the sky, Care Bear–style, to live as the earth’s surface has become an inhospitable, uninhabitable mess. Tom Cruise stars as the soldier who is tasked with living on the surface alone to repair and maintain the robotic drones sent out to patrol the barren wastelands and destroy a mysterious alien life form.

The majority of humanity lives above the planet for their own safety, with Cruise connected to home via his overseer and lover Olga Kurylenko. On his latest mission, our budding hero meets a mysterious woman (Andrea Riseborough) who appears to have crash-landed on Earth.

As he tries to help her, he finds himself confronted by ideas that change his view of the world.

Oblivion, Wednesday, 9pm – FilmFour