Torchwood Podcast Interviews

With the internet already awash with rumours about what fans can expect from Torchwood: Miracle Day, OTB was given a special advance preview of the first episode of the show and also several interviews with the main players responsible for the success of the Doctor Who spinoff.

Expect to hear key details about what fans can expect when the programme airs later this year and whether Ianto will make a return, John Barrowman’s willingness to link up with Doctor Who, and Russell T Davies’ thoughts on bringing Matt Smith’s sweetheart Riversong and Captain Jack together in a team at some point (though sadly he was less keen on a collaboration between himself and Stephen Moffat).

Please note: The interviews were recorded at the British Film Institute, who saw fit not to cancel the annoying tannoy announcements. While we’ve done our best at OTB to edit these pesky noises out,sometimes it was not completely possible, but these shouldn’t hinder your listening pleasure much. The phrase pissup in a brewery comes to mind.

Please note that some of these interviews may contain spoilers.

Bill Pullman

The involvement of a big Hollywood hitter really is an example of how the show has grown in it’s popularity. Speaking to a very jetlagged Bill (who previously starred in Sleepless In Seattle and Independence Day), he talked admiration for Russell T Davies, the rainy weather in Wales, and his dream of appearing someday as an alien in Doctor Who.

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John Barrowman

OTB are happy to confirm that JB’s not just the life of the party, he IS the party. The excitable performer spoke of his wanting to be involved in the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, working on Live and Kicking back in the old days, and his love of my stripy pink shirt with flowery cuffs.

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Eve Myles

The Welsh wonder was her usual adorable self, chatting to me about working in LA, her character Gwen’s recent addition to the Torchwood family, and the loving relationship between herself and John behind the cameras.

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Julie Gardner

The executive producer of Torchwood (and previously Doctor Who and Sarah Jane) talked about the joys of working with Davies at the new LA base for the sci fi show, whilst hinting about what we can expect from Miracle Day.

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Russell T Davies OBE
The legendary writer who famously rebooted Doctor Who after a 16 year absence on the BBC gave us an insight into the man behind the scripts, his thoughts on Stephen Moffat and what he has done for Doctor Who, and also his plans to possibly pair up Captain Jack and the feisty TARDIS flying Riversong in a future television series.

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Q and A

Chaired by journalist James Rampton, this Q and A followed a preview showing of the first episode of Miracle Day for fans and press, featuring a panel consisting of Russell T Davies, Bill Pullman, John Barrowman and Eve Myles.

Expect to hear about dressing room antics, John’s love for chickens, and an acknowledgement by Davies on the Captain Jack/Face of Bo storyline hinted at previously in Doctor Who.

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