Video: Sneak Peek At Predators

If you’re a hardcore fan of the original Predator movie, you might have been left feeling cheap and dirty after the Predator/Alien mashups.

Well now Robert Rodriguez and Nimród Antal are taking the Predators back to the beginning to give the story some fresh energy.

It’s the same basic plot as the original: a bunch of marines are stalked through the jungle by the largely unseen Predators. There’s no Arnold Schwarzneggar this time around and, by the looks of the cast list, there’s no badasses either. Except Danny Trejo – he’s hardcore.

We’ve no word on the script either which is one of the things that made the original stand out. Hopefully the remake have lines like ‘Bunch of slack-jawed fa***ts around here. This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.’

There’s no official trailer just yet but there is a sneak peek video, so sit back and enjoy