Video: Ten Seconds Of Twilight: Eclipse!

twilight210x300Alerting all Twi-hards! A ten second clip has been leaked onto the internet for the new trailer from Twilight: Eclipse.

From the looks of things the movie is set to be same old, same old; Bella and Edward are mooning over each other whilst looking angsty and Jacob is still shirtless.

The latter is something we’re very comfortable with.

While it doesn’t give too much away, it does indicate that Jacob hasn’t given up on Bella and is willing to fight for his lady love.

Taylor Lautner’s buffed to perfection, R-Patz is nice and pasty and Kristen Stewart is clearly wearing a wig due to her role in The Runaways.

Anyway, we’d previously shown you leaked pictures of the new movie that showed Bella and Edward getting hot and heavy and now you can enjoy an extra ten seconds enjoyment.

Watch this clip and see what you can tell about the movie from it.