Video: Watch the First Five Minutes of Source Code

Source Code300Anyone who uses public transport in Britain will tell you that strangers very rarely talk to each other during journeys and if they do, it’s a good bet that their mental (we’re talking about proper scruffy incoherent crazies here..) Speaking of crazy, the notion of a beautiful woman just opening a conversation with you is pretty out there – unless you’re Jake Gyllenhaal of course. But as we can see from the first five minutes of Source Code (which hits cinemas on 1st April) this is no ordinary train ride.

Colter Stevens, wakes to discover that he’s assumed the identity of commuter Sean Fentress. The train he’s on is rigged to explode, and, in the last few minutes of Fentress’ life, he’s charged with getting as much intel on the terrorists as possible back to HQ. As you can imagine, this is just the beginning for our rugged young hero..

Video courtesy of Yahoo! Movies