“We Couldn’t Believe What Tyson Was Saying!” ..OTB Meets B&INTM’s Tas

Last night’s Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model was quite a weird one. We had the most feminine man on the planet as a guest judge in he form of supermodel Andrej Pejic, Tyson Beckford got his bottom smacked and the girls were told to dress up like boys. Amid all this madness, Tasmin Golding was shown the door by Elle MacPherson. We caught up with her this afternoon..

Did you think Elle made the right decision?

Well she’s been in this business for a long time, so she knows what she’s talking about. My opinions aren’t as well informed as hers..

You’ve been in the bottom two a few times. Do you think you were unlucky that the first couple of tasks weren’t your strongest?

I wouldn’t say I was unlucky. To be honest I was totally unprepared and inexperienced. I went into this thing on a whim, I didn’t really know what I was doing and when I got there it was all a bit overwhelming. That definitely didn’t work in my favour..

Do you think the rest of the girls were a lot more prepared than you?

Yeah they either had a lot more experience or a lot more talent in terms of moving in front of the camera and holding their bodies. I think it’s a natural thing or something you’re able to learn and I don’t think I really had either! (laughs)

This week’s costume didn’t help you out very much though. It wasn’t very manly?

Yeah it was really feminine! I had the shortest shorts on. I can’t blame the outfit though. I really should have adjusted my pose and compensated.

How did you find working with Tyson?

I was so nervous!

Yeah he had a bit of a controversial week didn’t he..

I think he’s a real nice guy, but he did cause a stir with Roxy. I don’t think they showed it in the episode but he actually apologised to her later on. It was an unfair comment and also not true. I don’t know if you saw us in the background but everyone’s jaw dropped, we were just like – where is this coming from?

Do you think the rest of the girls will be nervous around Tyson now?

Definitely. I think everyone’s going to keep their mouths shut and not give him any reason to do that to them!

Roxy is looking like an early favourite. Do you think she can win it?

I hope she does. With that crazy hair I think she deserves the prize.

Roxy said that she’s not a cocky person, but some viewers don’t agree. Do you think we’re seeing the real Roxy?

What I think happened was that she was a bit traumatised after her haircut and she’s compensating for that maybe..

Who else do you think has a good chance of winning the competition?

Lisa. That girl has an amazing face and a great body. So she’s another one to watch..

Have you enjoyed your time on the show?

Yes I’ve definitely grown up a lot on the show and learned a lot. I think if I went in with the knowledge I have now.. maybe I’d win (laughs)

Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model continues on Sky Living, next Monday at 9pm