We Meet Strictly’s Chelsee Healey

Chelsee Healey is one of those celebrities who could just as easily be your local barmaid. But there’s no doubt that she would be changing barrels and pulling pints with her hands assuming the “jazzâ€? position whenever possible.

The 23-year-old was plucked from the set of school-soap Waterloo Road to complete the Strictly Come Dancing line-up this year but her vivacious ways and down-to-earth approach has secured her a place in the hearts of viewers up and down the land. From the tragic death of her father to her Saturday night “titty testsâ€?, Chelsea bared all to OTB at BBC HQ. OMG.

Kicking off her career in Doctors , the show that rules daytime schedules, Chelsee swiftly moved into a prominent role as a pupil in the adult version of Grange Hill. But how did she get into acting? RADA? BRIT School? LIPA? Central, darling?

“A friend of my gran’s used to live next door to a woman who used to do drama classes and I went to watch one of the shows and she said “would you like to go?â€? and I said, “yeah I’d love toâ€? and ever since then I’ve just wanted to do itâ€?.

The young actress has lost none of her thick Mancunian accent and speaks fondly of her “normalâ€? roots. Growing up without her natural father, who died when she was just three years old, Healey was raised by her mother, older sister and gran.

“I try not to think about him too much because it gets me down. But I had a really nice childhood, my mum’s always been there and my mum’s just amazing….And she’s been with my step-dad for eight years now and he’s just lovely. He’s been a real father figure for me.â€?

This hard working 20-something has been working double time for the past month, filming Waterloo Road and practicing her moves whenever she gets a chance. On the day we meet in BBC HQ, she is actually feeling rather ill, with her Saturday Strictly performance perhaps in jeopardy. Despite the health risks, there is no doubt that committing to the BBC’s flagship show was a smooth career move; but Chelsea admits that she has not always made the right decisions in life: “I had my boobs done at 18 or 19. No. If it was now I’d recommend to have a think about it.â€?

To be fair to them, those DDs have been grabbing headlines left right and centre this year with an unscheduled showing of a little bit too much flesh on her Halloween night performance. Is she nervous about another dance floor costume disaster? “[The costume team] always make sure I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing. I just say “make sure I’m not going to pop out!â€?. I’ll try it on and do a little shake. The titty test!â€?

We just hope Bruce is out the way before Chelsee goes “testingâ€? anything with too much enthusiasm. But partner Pasha must enjoy dancing with such an attractive young girl and Chelsee claims she is “single and ready to mingleâ€?. Anymore Strictly romances in the offing?

We ask Pasha if he fancies his buxom partner?….*blushes*.

“We get on really wellâ€?, Chelsee saves him from an awkward response, “but it’s more like brother and sister.â€?

That’s what smooth operator Artem said about Kara. Pah.

Catch Chelsee and partner Pasha as they take to the floor with their passionata this Saturday on BBC One.