We Meet The Girls From Jerseylicious

Jerseylicious’ biggest stars, Tracy and Olivia introduce us to the latest US hit show based in, yes, you’ve guessed it, New Jersey. A “docu-soapâ€? – think, Made in Chelsea, or The only Way Is Essex – set in a salon owned and run by Italian-American stereotypes, so as you may imagine, there’s plenty of fighting, bitching and blow-outs.

Jerseylicious, airs on Wednesdays at 9pm only on Style (Sky: 253)

For people who haven’t seen it before could you explain what it’s about?
It’s about a salon in New Jersey and it stars a bunch of different people and we all have very strong personalities, we’re all very strong people. We don’t take crap from anyone and it can cause a lot of friction and fights. We’re very confident and we dress very over the top and we’re confident in who we are, so it’s just a fun show to watch because you never really know what’s gonna happen because we’re all just so nutty.

We have a show over here called The Only Way Is Essex…
Yeah, we’ve seen that, it’s funny.

Some of it’s real and some of it’s scripted, is your show similar in that respect?
Ours is real, I didn’t think that theirs seemed scripted or not scripted, I’m like really naive, I think everything’s real. But I think that our show is like, we’re like really up front people and I think we tell it like it is and I think that’s why people like our show because we’re so brutally honest, and that’s kind of like where the fights come in because we just don’t hold back.

You two had a big fight in one of the recent episodes, looking back how do you feel about it now?
It was just an uncalled-for fight, it shouldn’t have happened and hopefully it never gets to that point again. We’re like growing up on TV and it’s hard because every move we make is like being judged and everything that we do and like all the situations that we get shoved into are being videoed and if things end up in things like drama, they’re gonna use it. So I think that it’s hard when you’re in the reality spotlight because you can’t do anything wrong or you get ridiculed for it.

Is there any rivalry between you two girls and Lorenzo?
No, that’s so over.

Do you ever watch the show yourselves?
I watched the show once and I never watched again because I watched it to see what they used and see what happened, you know, just seeing how you looked and how things turned out, and I only watched it once. I feel awkward when I’m watching it, it’s strange.

What’s the worst disaster you’ve ever had in the salon?
We have some pretty crazy clients who are fans of the show and will come into the salon and that are borderline stalker-ish. We have really great clients that have been coming to us forever and those people are great, but then after the show people get a little crazy and there are moments when you feel like you need security or something. People just kind of show up on you and freak you out because you just don’t realise how they realise where you are all the time.

When the show first started how did your clients take to being shown on film?
Our actual clients, some of them, a lot of them mostly, don’t want to be videotaped and they don’t want to be on camera, so when we’re filming we have to make sure that people are okay to filming. So, sometimes we have to shoot the show on days when the salon would normally be closed, because we can’t let the two worlds collide because everyone would start getting freaked out by the cameras. We don’t want to lose our clients that we’ve had, you know? Like?

Are the boys still keeping up with beauty school?
Yeah, Lorenzo actually more so than Fili because Fili has to run the pizzeria, but I think that Lorenzo is like enrolled legitimately, when he shows up I guess. I don’t think he’s dropped out yet. I think basically he’s [Lorenzo’s] starting to like it, which is weird.

Do you ever get comparisons to Jersey Shore?
Yeah, all the time unfortunately, in the beginning more so, but now it’s getting a little less, but honestly the only thing that’s similar is that “Jerseyâ€? is in the title of our name, and that’s it. The shows are so completely different and people are like “you’re jumping on the Jersey Shore bandwagonâ€?, but our show was in concept years before Jersey Shore was being created. Part of it was because they’re so like picky about who they let on the show that the casting process took much longer than Jersey Shore’s did, because they clearly have NO standards, they let anybody on that show.