“What Can You Do With a Chicken?!” OTB Meets B&INTM’s Emma S

Another week, another episode of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. After about 15 minutes of pure, undiluted screaming as the girls were shown around their new house, we could finally crack on with watching the competition. Unfortunately for Emma Sharratt, she barely had time to unpack before she was given the boot by Elle MacPherson..

What attracted you to Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model?

Well, I’ve literally watched every series of it, since I was a little kid. My step mum said “why don’t you give it a goâ€? cause I’ve always thought about doing a bit of modelling.

What did you do when you told you were offered a place on the show?

I rang my mum and we got really excited! Then we got preparing and I re-watched all the episodes!

People joke that modelling is a job that only requires the skill of walking to and fro. You seemed to have a bit of difficulty doing that?

I was crap, really. I was rubbish at walking! I needed to practice on that a bit more, it was a bit nerve-wracking when there’s a big audience, especially when we first went. The first thing we did was a catwalk in front of a group of people, and obviously I didn’t do that well cause Elle said “Its a runway darling… but you don’t have to run!â€? I guess it’s not a hard thing walking down, but you’ve got to have a presence with you.

Was it anything specific that caught you out?

It was the audience, the people watching you. I don’t perform as well as I could when I’m being watched, maybe I get embarrassed. The second time I tried really hard, but the whole flow of your body thing – you can’t see yourself, which makes it difficult!

How did you find the animals?

Everyone got a really exciting animal, but I got a chicken! It was hard to make it sexy! And then it flew out of my hands, so I failed on that one! I love animals, I just can’t control them!

Okay then… How was the wire suspension? How did the girls cope with the heights?

I wasn’t afraid of heights, it was more that it really really hurt you! It’s yanking you up and down and it’s hard to get your balance. I couldn’t make great shapes cause I found it hard to stay where I was for that one second without falling back down. A couple of girls felt a bit faint, I’m not sure why. Maybe they were scared of heights, but overall I think it’s cause it hurts quite a lot.

In the last episode we saw that the girls were all designated rooms. Do you see any problems with the match ups?

I think the grouping of the girls will be all right, actually. Madeline is with Jen and Ann, and they get on really well. Everyone gets on really well, everyone has little groups. If it was the other way round, Madeline in Roxy’s room or something it may of caused a few problems but I don’t think it has.

What do you think of Madeline?

At the start I thought she was a bit confrontational, a bit forward. I think she came into the competition with an attitude to win, but considering the girls she was with I don’t think she had to do that. When I got to meet her and talk to her, I got to understand her a lot more. I understood her background and she was really nice after that. She can be eccentric sometimes. She’s been misunderstood.

Any favourites to win?

From the house now – Anita. I’d love her to win cause I get on well with her. Model wise, Emma G, I think.

How was Elle?

She’s really nice, she seemed like she really cared about what we were doing and stuff like that, but I didn’t get much chance to talk to her about things, I don’t think she really got to know who I was.

And what about the new judges – Tyson and Whitney?

Well I really liked Tyson, he seemed like he was really trying for the girls. He was helping you out, and trying to make things better for you – stuff like that. Whitney was more reserved – I don’t think she liked me much either.

Why do you think she didn’t like you?

I just didn’t get the vibe that she liked me, as a model at least. But she didn’t know me as a person.

Do you think you missed the chance to prove yourself?

Yeah, I think I did.

Looking back on it all, is there anything you would of done differently?

I would of grown my eyebrows out because they were really rubbish, and I would of practised a bit more. My performance wasn’t that great. If I had changed a few things, like my eyebrows, and listened more, worked my angles, sorted my hair our, then I would of done better.