What We’ve Learned From The ‘Django Unchained’ Trailer


After falling out with Tony D’Amato in Arizona, Willie Beamen has gone rogue: “In my world you gotta get dirty. So that’s what I’m doing. ”


Its got a Rick Ross soundtrack: “100 Black Coffins.” Which isn’t available on YouTube, so here he is…hustlin’


DiCaprio and Foxx can AND WILL overcome any onscreen racial hostility with mutually respectful facial hair:


Trailer Key Stats:

Word count: 105
Shot count: 19
Deaths: 18 men and 12 horses
Length: Trailer – 85 seconds. Film – 8460 seconds.

– In the trailer there is one gunshot every 4.4 seconds. Extrapolated to the full length film, there will be 1922 shots.
– In the trailer there is one death every 4.7 seconds. Extrapolated to the full length film, there will be 1800 deaths. Possibly both.
– For CoD players that’s a 1.05 shot per human kill ratio and a Chopper Gunner or AC-130 level kill streak

Trailer ratios:

– Words/Shots: 5.5 words per shot
– Words/Deaths: 5.8 words per death & (including horse deaths) 3.5 deaths per shot


Conspiracy theory possibility that makes a lot of sense:
Two facts:
(a) 1800 deaths
(b) 1-800 is the toll free number in the US.

Quentin Tarantino is clearly saying that life is worth nothing. Or death is the cheapest way to find something out.