When OTB Met…The Stars Of Kicks

Kerrie Hewes and Nichola Burley
Kerrie Hayes and Nichola Burley
After seeing Lindy Heymann’s directorial debut, Kicks, I sat down with the film’s leading ladies for a bit of a chinwag.

Nichola Burley plays Jasmine, a wannabe WAG who befriends Kerrie Hayes’ Nicole, a lonely Liverpool fan who’s hopelessly devoted to star footballer Lee Cassidy (Jamie Doyle).

When Lee announces that he’s being transferred to Real Madrid, the girls wind up kidnapping him and trying to convince him to stay.

Your characters are so different, what do you think really brings them together?

Nichola: I think they’re both kind of outcasts in their society. Even though Jasmine’s a WAG, she’s not a stereotypical WAG. They just have this drive and this passion for the same thing just in very different ways and that kind of forces their friendship.

You spend almost the entire movie together, did you end up bonding in rehearsals?

Nichola: It was kind of in the auditions when we met, then it was rehearsals the week after then we started filming and living together. So got on anyway, straight away, and the more we lived with each other the more we got to know each other.

Kerrie: I can’t imagine what it would be like if we hated each other. We were really fortunate. It allows us to bounce off of each other as well.

So you had to live together for the whole of the shoot? How long was that?

Kerrie: It was actually only 21 days.

How much of that was spent filming the final scenes in the caravan with Jamie Doyle?

Kerrie: About the last 5 days really. It felt like forever.

Did you mess about with Jamie while he was tied up?

Nichola: Lindy wouldn’t let him out sometimes. We’d all go get tea and cause she wanted him to feel really frustrated so she kept him tied up. [To Kerrie] Do you remmeber when we put those pictures around him?

Kerrie: (Laughs) Oh yeah, we were playing practical jokes and I said to the first AD that I needed to see Jamie’s face everywhere so I had him make badges with Jamie’s face on and I put pictures of him all around the place.

Nichola: They all believed that she was really into him.

Kerrie: The AD was just like ‘OK Kerrie, yeah, yeah fine fine.’

It was Lindy Heymann’s first movie as a director – what was she like to work with?

Nichola: Really nice, very focused and she’s got a lot of ideas and she’s already thought a lot about it when she comes to set. So everything’s really planned out and is exactly what she wants. But she’s not closed to any change.


Did she allow you to have input at all?

Kerrie: Sometimes we’d come on set with an idea in our heads and it’d be completely different by the time we’re shooting it. There was the freedom to do that.

Nichola: I always think that a director chooses someone to act a role because they bring something to it. I can’t imagine every single director whose worked with an actor has walked how they wanted them, looked how they wanted them to. Everyone’s so different. But i think if you bring a lot to it and you’re open to change, open to direction – i think that’s the most important thing.

Did you have much input into creating your characters?

Nichola: Well I wasn’t allowed to change how Jasmine looked. They were putting all these extensions in my hair and dying it. I never really imagined that she’d look like that but as soon as I was dressed like that I thought ‘Wow’, we’ve transformed into a completely different person.

What is it like to dress up and just be someone else for a day?

Nichola: It’s good you get to be other people and be ways you’d never be. You’ve got license to be a bit weird sometimes.

How did you get into the industry?

Nichola: I didn’t want to be in it really, I wanted to dance. A casting director came to my school when I was 16 and I auditioned for 5 months and ended up getting one of the lead parts. And that came out in 2005 and it just went from there.

Any pans to get behind the camera yourselves?

Kerrie: Yeah definately, in years to come. I’d really like to have a go at cinematography. I always had it in mind, I just love it and I’m alwyas trying to learn about it whenever I’m doing a job.

Nichola: I think I’m a bit too bossy to be a director. I’m too precise; it’d take me 10 years to make a film.

Who did you have crushes on when you were teenagers?

Nichola: I used to like Aaron Carter, Take That and I liked the Spice Girls but in a different way.

If you could kidnap one celebrity who would hold hostage?

Nichola: Pharrell. He’d never get out.

Kerrie: Leonardo DiCaprio.

You can catch Kicks in selected cities from today.