Who’ll play Andy Murray?

Andy Murray

Britain’s losing streak at Wimbledon has finally come to an end – Andy Murray became the first British man to take the Wimbledon singles title in 77 years, and the whole country went mad.

Speculations about a possible knighthood or wedding are all over the press, but only one thing’s for sure – there’s going to be a crappy film about his win out at some point.

Some casting choices are obvious – Maggie Smith as Judy Murray, the late Dennis Hopper as David Cameron – but who’s going play the man himself?


Arthur Darvill
Best known as Rory, Amy Pond’s boyfriend from Doctor Who, Darvill has a pretty impressive CV. Recently starring in Broadchurch, The White Queen and Doctor Faustus, his career is going swimmingly – and it should peak just in time for it to collapse completely once the reviews come out. Although bumbling and clueless in Doctor Who, he has that surly, dead-behind-the-eyes look that Murray is famous for.

But despite the similar physique and personality, Darvill is known for his energy and sheer acting chops – it’s doubtful that he’ll be able to do justice to a character who only communicates through shouting in victory and mumbling.


Andrew Garfield
When you think about it, Garfield’s Andy Murray will be pretty similar to his Spiderman – both are awkward, gangly, and spend most of their time with their mouths hanging open.

Audiences lapped up the Spiderman reboot, so maybe Garfield’s presence will stop the Wimbledon film from bombing too hard. The only stumbling block could be the accent – California-born Garfield trying to mimic Murray’s Dunblane drawl will surely give the film the weirdest accent in a leading man since Tommy Wiseau’s The Room.


Eddie Redmayne
As an Old Etonian and a Cambridge graduate, could Redmayne really play an ordinary guy from the Highlands? Probably not, but it’d be hard to make this film any worse.

Then again, he shows promise – give him a natty haircut and some dodgy stubble and he’s a dead ringer for Murray. They’ve both got that whole ‘weird face’ thing going on as well. Set to play Stephen Hawking in Theory of Everything in 2015, he’s certainly got experience playing British icons. Regardless of how the film fares at the box office, going from Les Mis to tennis is one hell of a career shift.