You’re Fired! Apprentice Interview

We thought it was highly ironic that Vincent Disneur was fired after a dog-food task (Spot the difference..) but it was poor Ellie Reed that bore the brunt of Vinnie’s burgeoning bromance with Jim Eastwood. Everyone’s favourite to take the crown dropped the ball last night, as Ellie explains..

Were you surprised by the double eviction, do you think Vincent deserved to go before you?
I wasn’t aware of him getting fired at the time. I think he deserved to go rather than me definitely, I was a bit annoyed, obviously – he was the one that drove Jim’s idea forward and really it should have been Jim that was taken back into the boardroom because the whole downfall of our marketing campaign was the idea of this ‘every dog’.

Do you think Vincent was taken-in by Jim? He seems to really look up to him.
He thinks of Jim as a good friend and I don’t know whether it’s mutual. I didn’t work with Vincent on any of this task, so I knew he’d take me in, and let’s face it, we don’t see eye to eye. I was surprised at Natasha [being taken in] because she was the person that directed the advert, which was the best bit about our marketing campaign. And I had a lot to do with that as well, but I think he was very influenced by Jim, without a doubt.

Your advert was actually very well received…
To be honest we all thought we should have won and I still think we should have won now, but we didn’t.

What did you think of the other team’s idea?
I think their advert was alright and their name was quite funny. I like cheesy things, so that’s probably why I liked it.

So you’re back in Yorkshire now. Which do you prefer, Yorkshire or London?
Aye, I’m Back ‘oop north. I really enjoyed being down in London and filming the Apprentice, but I’m definitely more settled up north; I don’t think they understand what I sound like. I think they all think I’m Keith Lemon. Back up where everyone sounds the same as me, well, similar.

Eating tea, not dinner…
I don’t think they know what tea is down here, when I said on the first task they’d have to take it home for their tea I don’t think the southerners knew what I meant.

Did you know the format was going to be different this year before you went in?
We knew the format was different, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have applied if it was working for somebody; I’ve worked for myself for seven years I don’t think I could’ve worked for someone again. But he [Alan] would’ve have been a bit of a different business partner to my mate that I’m used to being in business with.

What did you think of Nick, is he as cold as he comes across in the show?
Cold? [laughs] He’s actually a really sound bloke to be honest. I mean he’s got the best facial expressions I’ve ever seen. I really like Nick, I think he’s very dry and witty and I’ve got a lot of respect for him.

What do you think it would’ve been like working with Alan?
I don’t know whether we’d have seen eye to eye on a lot of things but I didn’t get to know him enough to realise that. All I regret is not having the opportunity to project manage really, I wanted to on a couple of tasks and didn’t get voted in. If I’d had that opportunity I think I’d have proved myself to him – there are a lot of characters in there and it’s hard to get yourself heard. I feel like I left with my head held high. I was being myself and not trying to be something I wasn’t just to get further in the process.