You’re Fired! Leon Doyle Interview

Alan’s latest expulsion, Leon, talks about his first, and subsequently last, boardroom experience, insists he definitely, definitely didn’t fall in love with Melody over in Paris (he blatantly did), and predicts child-like Susan will get ‘torn apart’ at the interview stage.

How did it feel to get fired?

I didn’t feel like it was my time to go, you know, first time in the boardroom; it didn’t feel great.

Do you think you deserved to go on that task?

No. I think Tom did, he fluffed the pitch and sold ten kettles to a catalogue company in charge of selling thousands, he also sold nothing on the street. He deserved to go

Do you plan on learning French?

No. No definitely not.

Alan accused you of being in awe of Melody, how do you feel about her?

Well, Alan thought that. I’m certainly not in awe of her, she’s her own person and she speaks her mind, but the majority of people on that show do anyway, so it’s not like I was in awe of anyone. It was just good how she was placing the appointments in French.

What was it like living in a house with so many strong personalities?

It was pretty easy going to be honest, I think that when you get back from the task you’re pretty knackered, so you just chill out, catch a bit of TV, or just go to bed so it was fine. I got on with everyone in the house and we just forgot about everything that went on during the day; all the arguments and stuff.

What do you think will happen in the interview stage?

Well that’s obviously where people get torn apart isn’t it? So you’re going to find out who was bluffing their way through and who’s actually got something to talk about.

Do you think anyone in particular is going to get torn apart?

I don’t know. But, if Susi carries on being the silly one she’s not going to come out of it too well. I’m looking forward to it.

Was there anything that’s been cut, but you wish was left in?

I was awarded top salesman in the beauty task, and they made a big song and dance of me doing that beauty task. They could have at least shown that I got top salesman for it, but it’s not a big deal. I know that I got it.

If you were ‘Lord Sugar’ who would you hire?

That’s quite easy really – I’d hire myself.

Who do you think is going to win then?

Well, I’ll be consistent: Jim, I think Jim’s gonna win it.

What do you think about Helen?

She’s done really well, but she’s yet to be called into the boardroom, and that’s sometimes where Lord Sugar gets rid of people he doesn’t want, so we don’t know. But, she’s won it eight times, you can’t fault her for that, she’s done incredibly well.

What’s Jim like out of the tasks, people call him ‘Jedi Jim’, is he just as persuasive off camera?

He’s just a very good guy. He’s good to hang around with, and he’s funny and he’s polite… yeah I just got on really well with him. Vincent and Jim were my favourites in the process; it’s good to try get along with the people you work with.

Definitely, but in this week’s task Melody wasn’t exactly a team player…

Yeah, she could have handed out a couple of appointments. That would’ve been fair to everyone else in the team, but I think really she thought, ‘well, I’ve bothered to learn French and therefore I shall take control of this task’, and I think that’s kind of how it went.

In the show everyone’s like ‘Lord Sugar’ this and ‘Lord Sugar’ that, does he actually insist on everyone calling him ‘Lord’?

Well, you’ve just got to be polite; you don’t want to get kicked off the show. It’s a bit like assembly at school where you’ve have to say ‘good morning Mister…’, so yeah, it’s like routine I think.

What are your plans now then, are you still living in Leeds?

Yeah, I’m still working in Leeds, I’ve got an office in Leeds and we’re franchising the ‘Master Menus’ [Leon’s business].