“Hollywood Blacklisted Me” Claims Van Damme

JCVDJean-Claude Van Damme claims that he was blacklisted in Hollywood after demanding too much money.

The Belgian star, talking to Behind Closed Doors, said: “After Timecop, I received a huge offer for three-picture deal and it was $12 million per picture. That’s $36 million dollars. I was wasted. I said ‘I want $20 million like Jim Carrey’ and they hung up on me. I was not myself. I was completely fucked up and I made a bad mistake and I was on the Hollywood blacklist for years.”

Van Damme is currently on the comeback trial with his fighting career, and getting into shape for his comeback fight against Somluck Kamsing in November.

“Slowly they want me abck for making those theatrical movies, “ he said. “But now I’ve decided to fight. If I win that fight, which will be exceptional, it will bring me another 10 years of health. It’s like a repair. So I’m very happy today where I am.”