10 Oscar Noms For True Grit, But Ethan Coen Calls Hollywood “Fickle”

Joel+Cohen+True+Grit+New+York+Premiere+Inside+wpEH-xlBUx9lWith 10 Oscar nominations for True Grit and a previous 33 Academy Award nominations spanning 18 years, you’d think that Ethan Coen – one half of the inimitable force that is the Coen brothers – would be slightly optimistic.

But the director has said that he remains suspicious of the film industry and won’t be holding his breath for an Oscars ‘sweep’, telling the BBC: “It’s a notoriously fickle, flukey, unpredictable business.”

However despite his doubts, Coen spoke proudly of the film itself, saying: “I won’t be able to explain, but it’s very gratifying. It’s done better than any of our other movies by a long shot.”

True Grit – starring newcomer Hailee Steinfeld and Jeff Bridges (in his first role with the Coens since 1998 cult favorite The Big Lebowski) – has become the duo’s greatest commercial success, making over $175m worldwide.

Referring to the large time gap since previously working with Bridges, Coen said: “It was as easy as the first time. He knows what he’s doing to such an extent that was easy. We and Jeff assumed we would work together after The Big Lebowski and it’s just a surprise that it’s taken so long.”