2 Shoes To Join TOWIE?

We saw it coming a mile off.

X- Factor rejects, 2 Shoes, with their fake tan, pink lippy, fake eyelashes and penchant for sequins somehow think they will fit in with the TOWIE crowd.

Charley Bird and Lucy Texeira were given the old heave ho by mentor Tulisa on Sunday night’s show, but are in talks about a TOWIE appearance: “We are loving the Essex phenomenon at the moment – it’s all about Essex and we’re all about Essex! We always said if it didn’t work out on the show we would love to make a cameo appearance on there.â€?

The popular ITV2 show has clocked up record audiences of 1.9m viewers in the last few weeks and its colorful characters have found a place in the hearts of thousands of the British public.

Judge Tulisa also seems keen to encourage their TV aspirations.

“Because they were all about the fun and the Essex vibe is so current right now. I think they should join TOWIE.â€?

Feeling guilty much Ms N-Dubz?