24 Movie Finally Set To Shoot Next Year

Things have been rather quiet on the 24 movie front of late with the last rumblings being almost a year ago. But now the clock is once again starting to tick with a shoot date early next year pencilled in.

It’s something that’s been rumoured for absolutely ages, most notably at the end of Series 7 when a movie was supposed to act as a grande finale. That fell by the wayside and they made Series 8 to do that instead.

It almost got off the ground when Billy Ray (State Of Play) got involved and submitted a draft to Fox which was ultimately rejected. Now Mark Bomback (The Wolverine, Shadow Divers) is tweaking Ray’s original script with an end of the year deadline.

According to Deadline, Fox have five directors involved but Tony Scott isn’t among the chosen anymore. Brian Grazer will be producing and that should slot in nicely after his stint behind the scenes of next year’s Oscars.