300 Viewers Complain Over ‘Raunchy’ Strictly

The TV filth police have launched yet another bid to clean up “tastelessâ€? Strictly Come Dancing’s raunchy ways (which don’t seem to be going down too badly with most audiences).

Over 300 enraged viewers have now complained to the BBC about Saturday’s episode of the popular celebrity dance competition. The corporation said 325 viewers alone complained about footballer Robbie Savage’s hip-thrusting performance to the Michael Jackson hit Bad.

People commenting on the show’s blog called it “disgusting” and “tasteless”. Were they watching the same show as the rest of us?

“Tastelessâ€?? More like genius.

The BBC defended Savage, saying his routine emulated Jackson’s famous dance moves and “no offence was intended”. One comment board complainer said: “Was there really any need for him to thrust his crotch like a badly rehearsed male stripper?”

At least some viewers got it, with one saying: “It was a Michael Jackson number, with a Michael Jackson costume and Michael Jackson moves. You may not like the choreography, but it was in complete keeping with the theme and origin of the song.”

He added that the complaints reflected a small percentage of the show’s peak audience of 11.5 million viewers. Freedom of speech is a great thing, but so are remote controls.