3D Katy Perry Biopic On The Way *groan*

The crazy cow!
Presumably we don’t already know enough about the intimate life details of blue-haired popstress, Katy Perry, because apparently Paramount is planning to bring her story to the big screen, in all its hellish three dimensional glory.

“Deal making is still in the early stages, and no director is officially on board yet. But both sides are eager to make the details work, and insiders say it’s just a matter of working out the logistics,” writes The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie will apparently take on a Justin Bieber Never Say Never vibe, following Katy’s life from birth to Brand. Admittedly, her story is a marginally more interesting one than many of her pop peers. Her ridiculously religious parents have continued to give her grief despite her ascension to the top of the pop A-list. As a young girl, Katy was only allowed to listen to Christian music; Enough to drive anyone into a cupcake-bra by the time they are 24.

In contrast to The Hollywood Reporter’s claims, Deadline suggests director Nanette Bernstein has already shot most of the footage. 3D cameras apparently followed Katy on her recent tour, with the aim of releasing the movie in June or July of this year.

She may have had a fairly interesting life but it will surely only be fans who are interested to see how she came to pen such classics as “I Kissed A Girl” and “Firework”.