8.7m Tune In As Andy Akinwolere Becomes First To Leave DOI

Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere became the first celebrity to be booted off Dancing on Ice last night. In a two hour extravaganza featuring more sequins than you can shake a glowstick at, Pip Schofield and new presenter Christine Bleakley returned to our screens, along with the first round of contestants taking to the rink.

Despite performing arguably one of the best routines of the night, Andy found himself in the dreaded skate-off alongside Sugababe Heidi Range. With the majority of the panel preferring the moves of the Liverpudlian popstar, Andy left with two votes to one. New judge Louie Spence was particularly critical, saying his performance was ‘floppy’ and ‘imprecise’.

8.7 million fans tuned in to watch the ‘slebs nervously take to the ice – like recently woken coma patients stumbling around the hospital gardens – and miraculously, there were no complaints about Corey Feldman’s truly shocking hair.

After the result was announced, Andy admitted: “I’m gutted actually, really gutted. We put so much into that, but it’s cool.”

Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter impressed the judges the most, after a poised performance to Birdy’s Skinny Love seeing her win a high score of 18.5.

Next week will see a further eight celebrities putting their skating lives in the hands of the viewing public.