‘8/10 Cats’ to Star in C4’s ‘Hillbilly Holidays’

8/10.. stalwarts Sean Lock and Jon Richardson will be fronting a new factual series, titled Hillbilly Holidays.

In what seems like a cross between An Idiot Abroad and Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends , the show promises to “reinvent anthropology” by plopping the comedians where “corporate America fears to go”, including the swamps of Louisiana, The Blue Ridge Mountains and Colorado.

Channel 4 has promised that Lock and Richardson will need to unleash their “inner alpha male” over the three episode series, whilst learning skills such as gold panning, hand fishing and distilling moonshine in a show described as “Darwin’s survival of the fittest meets the American Dream”.

Sean Lock said that was looking forward to “watching Jon wading through the swamps trying to find a plug for his travel iron”, whilst Jon express his hopes that; “this show will once and for all put an end to rumours that I am not a real man. Failing that, I just hope I don’t cry in front of Sean.”

Good news for any one who’s fancied watching the pair “pepper the gumbos of red-necked survivalists, dill the pickles of Baptist snake-handlers and be educated in the ways of a nudist hog-trapper and a 3rd generation bootlegger.” – just some of the activities that Channel 4 says we can expect from the show.