‘A Nail In The Coffin Of Brand’s Career’ – Arthur Gets Slammed

Russell Brand300Russell Brand’s latest film, a remake of the classic 1981 movie Arthur, has been slammed by critics in America who have described the comedian-turned-actor as ‘just not that funny’.

Marshall Fine, writing for the Huffington Post panned the movie, saying: “If anything, this movie should put a nail in the coffin of Russell Brand’s career as a movie comic because, well, the guy’s just not that funny. Particularly not when he assays an entire role in that high, whiny, little-boy voice that he uses here.”

“I’ve seen him do stand-up and that didn’t make me laugh. He’s really only amusing in small doses.”

The theme was continued by Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter, who said: “Director Jason Winer turns things over to Brand but it’s a rough, out-of-focus performance. Brand goes full bore in every scene, almost as if the movie isn’t so much about a drunk as an eccentric billionaire who would be loopy if he drank only lemonade.”

Brand plays the role originally made famous by Dudley Moore who was nominated for an Ocsar for his performance. Whilst it’s hardly surprising that his take on Arthur wasn’t as well-received, Russell Brand can’t have been expecting such a violent reaction against him – but whether his career will be hurt by this remains to be seen.