“A Quarter Of My Films Are S**t” Admits Danny Dyer

dyer300The ‘lovable rogue’ Danny Dyer, who has starred in such masterpieces as Devil’s Playground, The Rapture and Doghouse, today admitted to a quarter of his films being s**t in an interview with Digital Spy. He went on to say a further quarter were ‘alright’ and only half had ‘something to say’.

Danny was speaking about his latest straight to DVD affair Age of Heroes, in which he co-stars with the unquestionably talented Sean Bean, who is currently enjoying a new found resurgence in popularity thanks to his leading role in hit US drama Game of Thrones.

Speaking about Bean, Dyer said: “He’s an old school veteran. He’s been around for so long and worked with everyone you can think of.” Dyer admitted he would love to take part in a TV/Film crossover such as Game of Thrones stating: “That’s the sort of stuff you want to be part of.”

Dyer is often a targeted by critics – for obvious reasons – and in a recent interview with Pure Movies Dyer stated if he ever met BBC Radio 5 reviewer Mark Kermode he would “headbutt [Kermode] straight to the f***ing nose, and then he can go off and do his impressions with a broken nose.”

The threat was in reference to the – admittedly laugh-out-loud funny – impression Kermode often does of Dyer. An example of which is shown in the video below when Kermode was speaking of another doomed Dyer drama, Pimp, which he said: “Would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic and tragic. Even by Danny Dyer’s standards it is grot of the highest order.”