Aaron Sorkin Considering Steve Jobs Film

Last month, Sony picked up the rights to Walter Isaacson’s authorized Steve Jobs biography and wants Aaron Sorkin to adapt it. The most successful screenwriter in Hollywood told E! Online that “Sony has asked me to write the movie and it’s something I’m strongly considering.”

Sorkin who has written A Few Good Men, Charlie Wilson’s War and TV series The West Wing had incredible success adapting the life story of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network last year. A story about the recently deceased Apple mogul could provide an impressive follow up.

So far, Sorkin has done nothing more than read the Isaacson biography, saying “Right now I’m just in the thinking-about-it stages… It’s a really big movie and it’s going to be a great movie no matter who writes it.” We don’t have as much faith in the rest of Hollywood as Aaron does and here’s hoping he decides to join the project in the near future.