Ab Fab’s ‘Eddie’ Turns On Stella’s Christmas Lights

Excitement is building for Absolutely Fabulous; set to the return for three thirty-minute specials starting this December.

In the run-up to the new episodes, Jennifer Saunders made an appearance in full Eddie get-up this week, turning on the Christmas lights during Stella McCartney’s festive shindig at her London store. During her speech she made cheeky references to the absent ‘Patsy’ and Stella’s dad… “Oh Paul, hello darling, I haven’t seen you since a cupboard in Hamburg, have I?â€? she quipped.

You might be wondering what relation Jennifer has to Stella. Well sweetie darling… it has been announced that McCartney is just one of the stars making a guest appearance on one of the upcoming shows. Speaking about her role she said: “It’s not exactly my idea of fun, but it’s Ab Fab, and how can you say no to Ab Fab, I’m sure I’ll be terrifying, but, you know.â€?

Other guest-stars unable to refuse such a cracking telly opportunity are Emma ‘Baby Spice’ Bunton, who previously appeared in an episode back in 2003 and Dame Kelly Holmes, set to appear in an Olympic-themed episode next year.